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The Task

Late last year I was tasked to create a Blog (Logged Into Terrorism) which addressed how Web and Mobile Communications had impacted a Social Issue. The Blog itself had to consist of 5 different posts with one having to be audio/visual but it didn’t end there. I had to implement Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) into the posts to stand out on places like Google and attract readers. To help promote the blog I created social media pages on Facebook and Twitter to post content and interact with readers. Finally, I improved on my previous knowledge and use of CSS and HTML using CodeAcademy to customise the layout of my site. 

The Idea

I wanted to select an issue that was relevant in society and something that shouldn’t be ignored. This led me to pick Terrorism.

The use of the internet from groups such as ISIS which have perfected the art of propaganda and promotion on Social Media. There has been an increase in Terrorist recruitment across the globe due to the interconnectivity of the Worldwide web. Children have become the prime targets to be radicalised online in various ways, and Encrypted messaging makes it almost impossible to know if terrorists are planning attacks.

All these reasons point to a need for someone to tell the public what is really going on in the online world of Terrorism.

This is why Logged Into Terrorism was invented.

IMG_0157 - Copy

The Content

I created 3 written posts looking at how offline aspects of Terrorism have changed in the online world. These included;

  • Terrorist Propaganda Online through the use of Twitter
  • Recruitment and Radicalisation of Generation Z Through Private Online Messaging and Video Games
  • The Facilitation of Terror Attacks by using Encrypted Communications

I used a journalistic format in providing accurate facts and details. The structure was broken into easily digestible sub-headings making each concept clear and understandable. The use of hyperlinking around certain issues meant the reader could find out more on a specific story. Adding images and bolding certain font created a visual flair bringing the whole project to life.

My final two posts were both audio/visual as I have a passion for filming and editing in my spare time. The reason for changing the format from written to audio/visual was partly due to the narrative. The written posts all focused on previous offline methods changing and my visual content looked at new issues that have been created from the rise of Web and Mobile Communication. These Included;

  • The Rise of Cyber Terrorism
  • What Online Technology is Doing to Counter Terrorism

The first video mimicked a Breaking News Broadcast by highlighting what Cyber-Terrorism is and how it is impacting the globe. It also featured short interviews asking members of the public if they have been the victims of Cyber-Terrorism.

My final post was a bit of an experiment as I decided to try out Facebook Live. The Live Broadcast revolved around the different ways companies are tackling Online terrorism, before making it personal and suggesting ways the viewer could get involved. Finally, the Live Stream turned into a brief Question and Answers (Q&A) session which was super productive and engaging. Overall, Facebook Live was a massive success and so much fun to do.

The Audience

Logged Into Terrorism is mainly targeted at older adults that may be out of the technological loop or unsure of what’s happening behind their children’s computer screens. Overall, it aims to get anyone and everyone up to speed with how Terrorist’s target, recruit and attack through the web and social media sites.

Certain elements of each post give the readers tips on how they can counter online Terrorism, whether it be reporting online profiles, Changing passwords, setting up protection filters and much more.

Will This Be Continued?

You may be thinking this blog could have serious longevity, which I 100% agree with. However, the countless hours of research and reading to generate the content led me down a dark path on the internet. I’ve seen countless beheadings, children carrying out executions and much more. Therefore, I’m still undecided as the rise of online Terrorism shouldn’t be ignored and is always bursting with fresh new content, but at the same time it can be very bleak and depressing.

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